About Alan

I am a freelance professional writer specializing in business and technology. But my primary interest as a writer lies in communicating Jewish values and a Jewish perspective. As the father of two girls, I have been actively involved as a lay leader of various children’s services and programs at our synagogue, Temple Reyim, a small, Conservative congregation in Newton, MA. These stories come out of my efforts to find stories that address issues raised by the children of the congregation, from why there don’t appear to be miracles anymore to how being Jewish isn’t fun or relevant. Since our various children’s programs cover a broad range of ages, from toddlers to teenagers, different stories address different audiences. Adults too can enjoy these stories.

As a professional freelance business and technology writer, I write for leading publications, research and consulting firms, and product and service companies. For more information about my professional business and technology writing and samples of my work, please visit my website www.technologywriter.com.