A collection of Jewish Family Stories by Alan Radding.

Alan Radding is a lay leader of his synagogue’s children’s services. These stories were inspired by his work with children there. A graduate of St. Lawrence University, Mr. Radding holds a Master of Science from Boston University and spent 10 years as an adjunct faculty member at Northeastern University.


For Children

The stories I told to my own children to introduce them to Jewish stuff at their level. The stories assume that not all children, including mine, will immediately welcome Jewish stories. Hope that there will be a few that do strike a chord.The stories try to reflect the attitude and mindset of the children.

For Teens

These were stories written for adolescents and teens that attended Shabbat services at our synagogue. They implicitly recognize that most didn’t want to be there are all. The stories try to reflect their attitudes and concerns, while incorporating the kind of messages that they would accept. Again, my own children, as teens, were the reluctant guinea pigs for these stories. 

Book cover of a colorful sunrise. Title: "Miracles: stories for Jewish children and their families"

If your family enjoyed my stories

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A collection of original stories by Alan Radding. You are invited to read and download these stories for your own personal use. Organizations (profit and not-for-profit) and individuals wishing to use these stories for any other purposes must contact the author, 617-921-1417, alanradding@gmail.com for permission. Initial copyright 1999 Alan Radding, all rights reserved.